Solution System
Computerised Enforcement System

Computerised Enforcement System, CES is a fully integrated comprehensive system with Front-End system with rugged field equipment and Back-Office consolidation system. CES Front-End solution enables the field enforcement officer to serve compounds to offenders on-the spot using rugged type handheld and portable printer. CES Back-office solution comprises of comprehensive suite of modules to manage the enforcement operation in tracking and following-up activities such as enquiries, appeal, reminder, summon and reporting. The system caters for all the local requirements of the councils/ enforcement agencies.

CES is also able to facilitate links to external database for e.g. with the Road Transport Department to obtain up-to date information of offenders to increase effectiveness of the enforcement operations.
To compliment our application solution, Powercomp also carries various types of equipment such as handheld equipment with options for integrated color camera, integrated printers, GPRS ready, laser scanner or C-MOS imager to cater for various needs. We also provide compound bill design and local infrastructures design services.

Proven by local city council for 3 years and recovered their investment within the First (1st) 7 months! So, not only will CES helps your Council to increase collection revenue and streamlines operation productivity but also builds a progressive and modern image with the public.

The beauty of CES:

Assured increase of collection revenue
No more compound backlogs
Eliminate clerical redundancy/ Efficient human resource deployment
Increases operational productivity
Projects progressive and modern image for Council and officers
Easy tracking, processing and management reporting of compounds
Up-to-date information for internal reporting and public enquiry
Proven by local city council for 3 years and recovered their investment within
the First (1st) 7 months!

With CES, enforcement operations becomes very simple yet effective. Cancellations due to illegibility of handwriting are virtually non-existent because all details are entered into the handheld making it 100% legible. This translates into data capture accuracy and increased productivity and the time gained can be used on other equally important task such as follow-up on persistent offenders.