Solution System
Distrubution Management System

Powercomp Distribution Management System or DMS was designed to meet the FMCG, CPG and distribution business challenges and demands to bring about cost effectiveness and increase profitability.

DMS provides a comprehensive distribution management module covering but not limited to the following:

Product Management
Outlet / Client Management
Pricing Management
Inventory Management
Asset Tracking Management
User / field Sales Representative Management
Comprehensive Reporting
Maintenance Of Trade Offer, Premium Offers, Brand Packing and Various
Related Sales Operation Requirement.

To provide an back-end solution, Powercomp RSS solution can be seamlessly integrated to the DMS thereby providing the sales operation an effective manageability of the sales operation.  

DMS is highly adaptable to distribution operation having various models. It can cater for a typical centralized model as well as a decentralized model with replication functions to the Head Office for reporting and for backup.  

DMS is designed to help companies streamline their operations, provide effective sales management reporting, improve productivity & responsiveness and increase their sales.