Solution System
Spot Meter Reading System

Powercomp's SMRS is the leading spot billing solution in Malaysia with more than 85% of the market share in Malaysia. It has revolutionised the utility billing increasing productivity and accuracy through the uncompromising features of handheld computer and portable printer.

SMRS can be easily interface to various Billing Host using standard data exchange format. SMRS provides all the operational and supervisory tools needed for the performance of meter reading, spot billing, route management and office administration.

Powercomp is committed to its customers, and we believe our customers expect and deserve the best service and state-of-the-art equipment. Powercomp offers many benefits to our customers, which include:

Efficient & accurate data collection & spot billing
Improve detection of fraud and inaccuracy
Multiple meter readings can be taken consecutively
Flexible & Scalable System capable of adapting to size of operations
One-Stop Centre providing all related services for spot billing operation

SMRS provides an efficient solution for utilities of all sizes. For utilities with only a few meter readers its cost-performance now allows the meter reading process to be automated, where in the past the costs of the required office-based support system would have been prohibitive. For larger utilities, the function of the SMRS can be distributed directly to the offices where the work is performed.

SMRS revolutionised the spot billing operations for the local utility industry that it was even instrumental for a local major utility agency winning “IT Organisations of the Year” award.

With our vast experience and expertise in the area of Spot Billing and our established nationwide support centre, we are ready to meet your needs.