Solution System
Data Capture System

Base on our vast experience & expertise with handheld devices and mobile type solutions, Data Capture System (DCS) can be easily customized for deployment various industry such as:

Retail – Inventory control, price checking and stock reordering
Utility – Meter Management
Agriculture Research – Data collection
Manufacturing – Process control

Base on the requirement, DCS can be also be customized to integrate with legacy system or even operate as standalone.  It provides effective manageability of users and is also designed to scale to rapid changes to the organization environment. With highly accurate data, DCS not only helps organizations make informed decision but also reduce their costs and increase profitability.

Automated Identification Data Capture (AIDC) is a fast, easy, and accurate way of identifying objects and entering data to the computer system. Because data collection is automated, errors are greatly reduced and accuracy level will increase dramatically.