Solution System
Utility Billing Information System

UBIS, also known as Utility Billing Information System, provides a complete suite of modules and functionality that interacts fully with the consumer database, starting from new application until consumer activation with full workflow control. UBIS maintains full integration within all modules and complete transaction history such as billing, payment, work order, incident and adjustments, where users of any department can obtain information at a mouse-click!

Enforcement on payment defaulters is the critical success factor towards billing efficiency whereby it increases the revenue collection for the institution. Office billing such as meter change/ check, temporary disconnection, final water bill and miscellaneous billing are standard features of UBIS.

UBIS features include easy navigation at your fingertip through the icon, drop-down menu and point-and-click for a new or novice user. Hot keys and shortcut keys are also available for the expert user.

Operating on an open platform, UBIS is catered for interface with other systems namely financial, payroll, purchasing, meter maintenance workshop, SCADA, telemetry, NRW and Geographical Information System (GIS).

UBIS is also available in a combination of the Client-Server Architecture and a Web-Based Solution that specially designed for a wider reach of users with consumers in mind. The core application of the UBIS runs on a Client/ Server application while the supporting functions such as the on-line new consumer application inquiries, complain and reporting report module runs on a Web-Based application. The benefits of a hybrid solution is to provide better stage transition control in core application for operation tasks whilst providing an open access through the internet browser for supporting function.

UBIS is supported by a dedicated team of utility industry professionals with over a decade of experience in implementing billing and customer management systems on-time and within budget. UBIS is a proven system and a leading choice amongst utility based companies and agencies in Malaysia ranging from private sector to the government sector since 1996.

Base on a Client/ Server Architecture, UBIS is designed to assist utility companies to work smarter, UBIS integrates comprehensive business process management tools for customer. UBIS is scalable and with comprehensive, automated data validation and workflow processing features for service request and customer management, maximise billing efficiencies and minimise cost to serve.