Solution System
Route Sales System

Powercomp Route Sales System or RSS is a Sales Force Automation Solution package that provides the choice of the Pocket PC device or uncompromising features of the handheld computer that serves the FMCG, CPG and distribution industry.  

At the office, RSS provides all supervisory and office administration functions for the management of the sales force and the automation activities. Management of field sales operations are better realize with well perceived of functions and reporting.  

In the field, RSS empowers sales representatives to maximize their sales opportunities as well as being able to serve the customers effectively. RSS provides sales history, sales pattern, current sales pricing, stock availability and promotional items. This provides the instinctive aspect for the field sales representative to maintain their regular sales, capture irregular sales opportunities as well as built on the new opportunity to introduce of new lines of product.

RSS also provides for other field transactions such as Product Return, Buyback, In-store Stock Check, Premium Offer, Trade Offer, Payment Collection, Survey, Asset Tracking and Message Synchronization. 

In addition, RSS can be seamlessly integrated to Powercomp Distribution Management System or DMS where extension to comprehensive solution of the distribution management of Inventory, Pricing, Credit Control, Field Asset Tracking, Management, Sales Management Reporting is made available. 

RSS consist of 2 Sub-system i.e. Route Sales Management Application (RSMA) that provides the intermediary interface with SCM/ ERP system and Route Sales Handheld Application (RSHA) is the mobiles sales application used by the field sales representative.

RSS a pioneer in Route Accounting was even instrumental for a local CPG company winning “IT Organisations of the Year” award. RSS saves time, improves accuracy and streamlines the processing of data. It enhances productivity, provides timely and accurate information for management, and represents a significant cost saving for the operation.